Employers, Please Take Our Survey!

Thanks, everyone, for such great input! Survey is closed – but if you have thoughts you want to share about working with young people, email us.

We need your input! We want your thoughts! And to thank you for your perspective, we will give you a gift certificate! Such a deal!

We’re surveying folks who work and employ people in the communities we serve – all along Rt. 100 from the Mad River Valley, through Duxbury & Waterbury, and throughout Lamoille County.

We want to understand whether you’ve hired young folks, and how you are engaging with them, and whether you’d like to help us and your local high school connect more young folks into the local economy.  So please, share what you know!




The Alchemist Opportunity Fund


Opportunity for All

We’d like to see every student graduate from the high schools in our community and go on to their next educational opportunity, whether it’s a technical school, certification program, 2-year degree or 4-year college degree. Lifelong learning is important for all of us.

We’re offering multi-year scholarships for good students in financial need.

If you are a senior at one of our schools and you plan on continuing your education, please consider applying. This scholarship from The Alchemist Foundation is designed for the students who aren’t sure, who are concerned about money, who might be late bloomers or quiet leaders, young people who might not have gotten a lot of attention. It’s primarily need-based, not grades-based.

We want to invest in your future.

Next year’s application will be posted in February, 2019. Review the 2018 Application, and take a look at the 2018 scholarship recipients!