Past Recipients

2019 Alchemist Opportunity Fund scholars

Harwood Union High School: Ryan Hatch*, Nathan Pierce, Amber Ploof, Chase Reagan and Isley Service

Lamoille Union High School: Harrison Abramsohn, Peter Holmes, and Erica Gates*

Peoples Academy: Clara Alley, Julio Delgado*, Alexis Follansbee, and Lucia Kelley

Stowe High School: Zackary Allen

Students with an asterisk (*) also completed technical and career center programs.

2018 Alchemist Opportunity Fund Scholars

Harwood Union High School: Walker Caffrey-Randall, Seth Davidson and Asa MacDonald

Lamoille Union High School: Tyne Bechtoldt*,  Kelley Locke and Leo Schlesinger

Peoples Academy: Kayla Atwood, Sierra Graves, Carmen Isabell, Juliana Reed, Mallory Pugh* and Mariah Taylor*

Stowe High School: Ryley Laramee

*Tyne Bechtoldt, Mallory Pugh, Leo Schlesinger and Mariah Taylor also graduated from programs at GMTCC.

Awardees chose a variety of schools, most in Vermont, ranging from public colleges to technical training programs.

2017 Alchemist Opportunity Fund scholars

Harwood Union High School: Emma Filkowski, Haley Hammond, Devon Noyes, Rachel Schwartz

Lamoille Union High School: Brittany Bullard, Michael McLure, Lillian Oram, Michael Rossignol,  Lydia Tilton

Peoples Academy: Allison Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Lloyd, Destiny Wilcox.

Stowe High School: Sarah Geissler, Iris Serrano, Mikayla Touchette.

2016 Scholars (Harwood Union)

Madison D’Amico, Brooke Barup, Deirdre Charles, Luna Isham, Cole Lavoie, Ashley Tang

2015 Scholars (Harwood Union)

John Drake, Teagan Drake, Abby Miles, Markus Widschwenter, Merrill Woodruff

2014 Scholars (Harwood Union)

Taylor Commo, Noah Evans, Madison Noyes, Megan Perry, Ellie Ramsey, Augie Stevens, Eli Winters

2013 Scholars (Harwood Union)

Kendal Armstrong, Carrie Johnson, Lindsey Langdon, Ashley Nelson, Emily Reagan, Haley Spittle

Note: From 2013-2016, this scholarship was given by the Alchemist to Harwood Union students only. It was expanded to include all the schools in the Alchemist Foundation’s region in 2017.