Young Folks, Please Take Our Survey!

Thanks, everyone, for such great input! Survey is closed – but if you have thoughts you want to share about life after high school, please, email us.

Attention young Vermonters! If you graduated high school in 2012 or later, and attended Harwood Union, Lamoille Union, Peoples Academy or Stowe High School – and/or your local tech center – we want to hear from you!

We need your input! We want your thoughts! And to thank you for your perspective, we will enter you to win a $100 VISA gift card! We’re giving away three gift cards, so your chances are good!

We’re surveying young folks – ages approx. 18-25 – who went to our local high schools to learn more about what happened after high school. Whether you are here in VT or have gone away for school or work, we want to learn a little more about what you’re up to now, to help us figure out the best ways to support you.

If you’re a teacher, parent, employer, friend or neighbor, please share our survey with the young folks around you! The more responses we get, the more useful the survey will be.  So please, share this page or take the survey!

Thank you! And if you have questions or thoughts you want to share about the experiences of young Vermonters,  please email us.